Advertising is important for business, and SBM Systems is offering a great way to do just that. has a tremendous amount of traffic coming to it and steadily growing every month. You can find it on most every search engine and it is in the national Chamber of Commerce listings also. Now this traffic brings the question ....

Do you want to be seen by customers

What SBM Systems is offering is a way to do just that, get seen by more customers. This is a great offer to have a 1 Page custom page created for you and hosted. This custom page can contain all the information you need to promote your business, product or service to hundreds of potential clients in the area. This is also a great way to have a web presence without the cost of a full designed website. Your page would be found in search engines and on the Clay Area Chamber of Commerce website members listings. It would look like

The cost is only $100 per year. This includes setup, design and hosting. We will get your information and create a 1 page flyer to fit your business or service.

You can also have a tile ad on the right for $50 per quarter. This can link to your website or anywhere you would like. The advertising program automatically emails you with stats for your tile ad, as in how many impressions it had and how many people clicked on the ad.

Advertising Prices:  
1 Custom Page on $100 per Year
Your own Domain Name for your Custom Page $50 per year
Tile Ad on $50 per Quarter

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Jeff Wilson at (205) 542-9806 or check Advertising on the contact form.