The Clay Area Chamber of Commerce is an action agency designed to meet community needs. It is a voluntary non-profit organization comprised of 82 area business, professionals, and individuals who have banded together to advance the commercial, financial, civic, agricultural, commercial, and general interests of the community.

The Chamber exists to provide it's members timely information about community, county, and state issues that affect the business community. By educating and sharing information, the business community will grow stronger as will the City of Clay and the surrounding areas.

Ribbon Cutting at 'Who Doesn't Like Cake?'
The Clay Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes 'Who Doesn't Like Cake' to the City of Clay and the area businesses.


Small Business Tips
On our website we try to offer new thoughts from the Internet about running a particular part of your business; from equipment financing to increasing sales to offering employee benefits and even merchant services. Following are some tips to consider.  

Ribbon Cutting at Studio 1 Salon
The Clay Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes Studio 1 Salon to the City of Clay and the area businesses.


Marketing Bargains: 7 Smart Programs You Can Start Today
Dont believe all the hype you hear about marketing. Contrary to popular belief, you dont need an expensive consultant, brand-new stationery or a spiffy logo to market your company. Instead, the most important "tool" you need is the desire to build a customer-centered organization. Firms that spend most of their time satisfying customer needs report higher profits and more return customers.   

How to Work a Room: Networking for Small Business
A new client just invited me to the companys holiday party, Shelly Freeman, a freelance Web designer, says, but I dont want to go. I know exactly one person in the whole place. Im shy, and I hate to meet new people. I always feel so nervous. Im sure that Im going to spill a drink on myself or smear cocktail sauce all over my mouth.   

Seasonal Slumps: How to Succeed When You or Your Business Is in a Rut Slumps are an inevitable part of the business cycle, but making it through your first one can be scary.  

Alabama Named A Top Ten Pro-Business State
ALABAMAs ECONOMIC POLICIES HELP KEEP JOBS FROM GOING OFFSHORE -- While most states are losing ground to global competition due to their poor efforts at keeping jobs and attracting businesses, a new study ranks Alabama fifth in the nation for its progressive pro-business policies that result in job growth.

People: The most important asset
Most organizations are talking about retention these days. Despite the recent shift in the economy, it is still crucial for companies to retain their top talent.  
Carroll Pharmacy is now Total Care Health Mart
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